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Ecommerce Services > Web Site Design
B & G Computing specializes in all aspects of a successful site building, including a web site design which is definitely the first thing people give attention to. It is of great importance that an ecommerce web site design produces a favorable impression on potential clients and existing customers and helps to generate actual sales. When you partner with B & G Computing, we make sure that your web ecommerce design is of an outstanding quality, has commercial appeal and every expectation of your target audience.
There are so many ways to portray an ecommerce design. Someone likes it simple, while others sophisticated. Some prefer an adventurous design, while others conventional. However, despite this, your ecommerce web site design should be charismatic, customer-winning and captivating in look and feel in order to be up to and above par.
B & G Computing has a professional team of talented designers who are true experts in the ecommerce web site design field. Great artistic creativity, vivid imagination and perfect understanding of your needs help our designers to produce the web site design which is loved both by you and your customers.
Ecommerce is diverse in its nature. Yet we have the key to every ecommerce store and know how to produce the right web design ecommerce solution for your business.

Ecommerce Services > Development
The Internet has a great deal to offer to any business be it small, medium or large since it provides a flexible and dynamic marketplace for exchanging products, services and information. It creates plenty of opportunity to reach local and global markets and gain worldwide brand recognition. The Internet is also a powerful tool which can bring mouth-watering revenues if used wisely.
Ecommerce development is an efficient way of promoting businesses, bringing in handsome profits and delivering better services. Web site development is the core of the entire ecommerce development process and requires team efforts, considerable knowledge and skills. It is what makes your website go live and ensures online success.
B & G Computing is an ecommerce developer leader in building professional and state-of-the-art ecommerce websites. Our team closely follows all new trends in the ecommerce development field and builds your website utilizing the latest methods and techniques. In addition to developing your ecommerce web site from scratch, we also have some time-proven and highly reliable turnkey ecommerce solutions to offer which are truly enjoyed by many online vendors.
B & G Computing caters for every client and has your best interests at heart. We even have three ecommerce development solutions to offer which target three different customer-groups and designed to help you be a success.
Partner B & G Computing today and get a lifelong friend who will be with you all the time, guide you throughout all stages of your ecommerce website development, assist you in every undertaking and offer maximum support.

Ecommerce Services > Marketing
What does an ecommerce web site need to be a success?
Many people believe that an eye-catching ecommerce design and a professional backend programming is more than enough. However, this is a fundamental error committed by many fresh web site owners. The thing is your ecommerce web site needs something more than that, something which will make it a spectacular success on the World Wide Web.
What is ecommerce marketing?
Ecommerce marketing is in fact that extra which helps a web site get around, obtain high rankings on the major search engines, attract customers, and make sales. At first, some web site owners may ignore the importance of an ecommerce marketing campaign. However, sooner or later they do realize that it is an intrinsic factor of the ecommerce web site development process.
Why is ecommerce marketing vital?
Ecommerce marketing produces the same effect on a website like petrol on a car, water on living-beings, processor on a computer. In other words, it is something that makes your website tick.
Why should I contact Dutchess Ecommerce and Computers for an ecommerce marketing assistance?
Our team of ecommerce marketing managers and consultants ensures your website success on the Internet. It is a long yet rewarding process. As a result, you will get lots of compliments from your colleges, hundreds of visitors, good sales, and what is more top positions on the major search engines for the relevant key words and key phrases.

Ecommerce Services > Merchant Account
Every ecommerce website should have an ecommerce merchant account which allows customers to pay for the products in real time. This page summarizes main guidelines for start-up companies when choosing this or that ecommerce merchant account.
Merchant Account. This is the license, the agreement, between you and the credit card company responsible for credit card processing through your website.
Payment Gateway. This is the mechanism that sends credit card information from your merchant account to the bank for it to process the charges.
SSL (Secured Sockets Layer). This is the protocol that enables encrypted, authenticated communications across the Internet. SSL guarantees a secure, non-fraud shopping for the customers on your ecommerce web site.
For a successful ecommerce credit card processing, you will need both, the merchant account and the payment gateway.
Merchant Account Providers.
There are dozens of merchant account providers online. The list below highlights only the quality merchant account providers with which many online sellers are satisfied.
You can choose from the following providers:
Account Express

Future of Ecommerce
Experts predict a promising and glorious future of ecommerce in the 21st century. In the foreseeable future ecommerce will further confirm itself a major tool of sale. Successful ecommerce will become a notion absolutely inseparable from the web, because e-shopping is becoming more and more popular and natural. At the same time severe rivalry in the sphere of ecommerce services will intensify their development. Thus prevailing future trends of ecommerce will be the growth of Internet sales and evolution.
Each year number of ecommerce deals grows enormously. Sales volumes of on-line stores are more than comparable with those of brick-and-mortar ones. And the tendency will continue, because a lot of people are imprisoned by work and household duties, while Internet saves a lot of time and gives opportunity to choose goods at the best prices. Present-day Internet sales boom is the foundation for magnificent ecommerce future.
The quantity to quality tendency of ecommerce is also becoming more and more obvious, as the Internet has excluded geographical factor from the sale. So it doesnt matter any more whether your store is situated in New York or London or in a small town. To survive, merchants will have to adapt rapidly to the new conditions. To attract more customers e-store-owners will have not only to increase the number of available services, but to pay more attention to such elements like attractive design, user-friendliness, appealing goods presentation, they will have to opportunely employ modern technologies for their businesses to become parts of ecommerce future.
Of course, those, who acquire e-stores earlier, get better chance for future success and prosperity, though an ecommerce site itself doesnt guarantee you anything. Only an appropriate ecommerce solution in combination with thorough emarketing and advertising can buy you business insurance.

Ecommerce Today
Ecommerce today is a remarkable experience. It has transformed traditional shopping beyond recognition. It is so much better than any other way of shopping that it has already attracted a great many of ecommerce-lovers.
If some years ago ecommerce was a buzz word, now it has become the order of the day. People seem to shop literally everywhere at their workplaces during lunch times, in rush hour when there is nothing else to do but switch on their laptops and start surfing.
Ecommerce today gained so much popularity because its underlying technologies are evolving at giant steps. We are even offered to feel the product with a 3D mouse to better understand its shape, size and texture. Why go somewhere out when all you have to do is make an order, choose the shipping method, put up your feet and wait till the order is delivered right to your door-step?
Ecommerce today offers so much luxury that even conventional stores have already signaled the alarm. Although, every one agrees that it is a long way for an ecommerce to replace brick-and-mortar stores, it has every chance to happen in the future. Ecommerce which we are witnessing today brings in so much adventure into our lives that it is enjoyed by the whole online community.
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